24 May 2022


Good things come to those who wait.

Dominik Storck Daten-technik comes to you in a new dress.

From now on you will recognize us on all media using a uniform modern layout.

In this clear structured website you will find details about our company portfolio and will have quick access to support information.
D. Storck, July 2012

Remote Support

We should be able to assist you for most of your problems by remote support.

Please download and execute our remote support tool after beeing instructed by our helpdesk agent. The program has only 242KB and does not require any installation. Simply double click on the program icon after downloading and connect to the remote support by double clicking top left "storck.net Remote Support" entry.

Initiates file downloaddsdsupport.exe [242KB]

Download Teamviewer 8

Opens external link in new windowTeamViewer 8 QuickSupport

Opens external link in new windowTeamViewer 8 Host (Remote Support for Servers e.g.)

Useful Links

Repeatedly on faces problems wich cannot be solved by intuition.

Almost all manufacturers have helpful information ready on their web sites, also there is advanced information available through communities.

Some of them will be listed here and serve as a starting point for your search for help. But please do not "simply register and ask dumb questions", use the search functions first. If you do not get the desired results, your search phrase might not have been appropriate, so one should try other words first. It is very unlikely that you stumble upon a problem that no one else had before - and did share his knowledge. By obeing this idea, you protect spamming the internet by repeatedly producing the same questions over and over and will in turn get help by others.

This list is not exhaustive, however, we've found useful tips in the past ourselves.