24 May 2022


Good things come to those who wait.

Dominik Storck Daten-technik comes to you in a new dress.

From now on you will recognize us on all media using a uniform modern layout.

In this clear structured website you will find details about our company portfolio and will have quick access to support information.
D. Storck, July 2012


Our Range of Products

As IT consultants we sell many common products and brands of the IT business.

We are specialised on hardware from

  • Fujitsu Technology Systems (PCs, Notebooks and Server)
  • Lexmark (Printers)
  • snom (VoIP-Phones)
  • inalp Patton (Media gateways for ISDN-BRI und PRI connections)

Vmware is in wide use on our servers to accomplish virtualisation and consolidation of services.

As access control is gaining more importance, we are covering this market with biometric systems by ekey. Their fingerprint scanners are available for several years now and ekey gained no. 1 position in europe.

Our own products

  • Project-/Time-Control system including CRM, fully web based.
    Available features: Mobile Client Access (e.g. iPhone, iCal-Based Calendar integration, Mobile Web-Client for managing time control entries to the PRIS calendar), Thunderbird-Plugin for E-Mail integration with the CRM module.
    (More detailed information will be available here soon.)
  • Recipe-management and documentation system for the cosmetics business
  • VoIP telecommunications based on Asterisk

and numerous special adaptions and scripts for our customers.

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