24 May 2022


Good things come to those who wait.

Dominik Storck Daten-technik comes to you in a new dress.

From now on you will recognize us on all media using a uniform modern layout.

In this clear structured website you will find details about our company portfolio and will have quick access to support information.
D. Storck, July 2012

Fujitsu Esprimo Q910 (full equipped desktop PC in only 1.9 litres, include power supply)

The Company

Dominik Storck Datentechnik was established in 1991 in Rossdorf.

1996 location was moved to larger premises in Griesheim, since 2004 we are back to Rossdorf, expanding space again.

From the very beginning we were focused on full service for our commercial customers. High tech solutions for reasonable costs, based on the edge of development have been the aim since.

Also trading with hard- and software is part of our business since 1991.

Customer specific hardware, build as an expansion card for PCs has been developed an manufactured in-house.

Over the past 20 years, we followed the development of the internet from a scientific network to the world-spanning communications media and we have understood to make best use of it for our customers. As early as 1993 we created our first web sites.

The founder and owner Dominik Storck owns a diploma in elektronics with specialisation in information technologies, that is, he learned IT from scratch. Fom the basic elements to the complete circuits making up computers, furher up to complex software solutions, one can't fool us.

We feel strictly oblidged to green IT. Therefore we aim to use only the most efficient computers, e.g. the Esprimo Q series made by Fujitsu Technology Solutions, which is equipped with power saving while very powerful mobile Intel CPUs.

We consume renewable energy for years. Since 2011 we get all of our electricity by  Opens external link in new windowNaturstrom AG.